Monday, 28 April 2008

Flying toilet rolls!

My birthday got off to a good start, our mains water filter needed changing as our water was gradually turning brown. For those not acquainted with Latvian water, it generally contains lots of iron salts which plays havoc with white washing but also tastes revolting. Ian tried to remove the filter unit but as he did so the unit sheared off. Words were flying thick and fast followed by a whole bag of toilet rolls. A phone call later and Calle, our Swedish caped crusader came to the rescue. He should have been delivering sheep but instead he was delivering us from a waterless predicament. It turns out that Ian should have released the pressure by turning on a tap - oh well we live and learn!

The other day I was reading the Bible and the following verses really struck me

Joshua 3-4 "When you see the ark of the covenant of the LORD your God, and the priests, who are Levites, carrying it, you are to move out from your positions and follow it. Then you will know which way to go, since you have never been this way before.

Not quite sure what that means but I know that when I see something of God move then it is time to follow. We knew that this would be a different path we follow and this verse seems to confirm that.

It was great that we actually found tins (cans) of Baked beans in our local store, so now we can have baked beans on toast again for lunch. Bliss! I didn't realise how much I missed them until we bought them and had them one day for lunch.
Had a conference call with the accountants back in America regarding our tax for 2007 and it would appear that God is so good as He knows the American tax rules better than I do - saved us an awful lot of tax - at least I hope so. Decisions we made last year appear to have brought us more into line with the guidelines and that means we don't have capital gains to pay as we deferred the gain to buy another house. And don't worry back in England either, I checked before we bought that we wouldn't have to pay anything back there either as it was our dear old house 9 Rutland Terrace which we used to live in anyway.

Our Old Grandfather clock started working again after Ian wound it up - it only worked for one hour in Fort Collins and we were told that it would require $500 to put it right. So it is really nice that it is now going several days later and keeping good time as well. 

Last week seems to be the annual clean up the area week. I would say clean up the environment but unfortunately they collect it all together and then set fire to it - bearing in mind that it has only just warmed up and so everything is still rather soggy after the winter. Everywhere we went there were smoky bonfires - oh to be able to gather it all together and compost it or generate electricity from it, anything other than make smoky bonfires.

This post seems fairly random and there is one more random comment to make - we have a garden to plant veg! We are so happy, we had to borrow a plot from someone last year but now we have our own plot which is great and it is humungous. Ian is out there now digging away and I of course am working (hehe) Pictures will have to come later of the garden but here is some that Mark took of our old village which he visited the other week. The first one is the church in Barlow built in 1142 and of course added to a bit over the years. The second one is looking down Chapel Hill and just along the road from where we used to live

The last one is of the S-bends as you leave the village and is such a cool shot I think!

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