Monday, 11 August 2008

Human Race slated for tomorrow

Human Race slated for tomorrow - oh no the end of the world is nigh! Miscommunication is a wonderful thing. It is amazing how different language can be even when using English. This title reminded me of when we were in the process of moving to the US and couldn't understand the use of the word "slated" until I realised it was being used to mean something is scheduled to happen. Slated in England means something got an horrendous review - a completely different meaning to that in American English. Well I got over my shock that we were all in for a review before God the following day - just!

On Tuesday I read in 1 Corinthians 1:20 "Where is the wise man? Where is the scholar? Where is the philosopher of this age? Has not God made foolish the wisdom of the world?" How true this is at the moment, in the financial chaos of the world - the philosophers of this age have been shown to be greedy and corrupt and lacking in wisdom and they are certainly looking very foolish at the moment for their lack of proper accounting. I really pray that the Christians take this opportunity to look at the whole financial world and start to work into establishing a market based on honesty, integrity and financial transparency. It is such a fantastic opportunity to be investing into the new economy of God's Kingdom.

Later on in the day saw us in a small place called Ružina where we joined a motley crew of folks for a festival. There were people from all walks of life including one guy who by world standards is not successful and probably never will be but he shines in God's kingdom as he prays and worships with a sensitivity to the Spirit that is often rare. There were also folks from Scotland, Ireland and England as well as Latvia. For the first time in ages Ian played the drum and danced using the streamer, they were powerful times and seemed to bring about a release in the meetings. There were also some special times just talking around the table which is where I find that God seems to speak to me and through me the most often.

Several things stand out from the meetings the first was having Latvians singing over us a Psalm of blessing. The Latvians are a nation of song and dance, they have lots and lots of traditional songs and dances and it is a powerful force in this country, one which brings people together and yet there are no recognised worship leaders that have come out of Latvia that I am aware of. I asked the Latvians to sing over the rest of us as a recognition of the fact that they are to be a nation who are to bless other nations through song. It got off to a shaky start as they sang from Psalm 68 but as they gained confidence they even began to harmonise, it was so special to observe.

The leader of the group from Glasgow university felt that we ought to wash the Latvians feet as an act of service to them. I explained that was so important as too often people come in from the other nations and dominate the shy Latvians, from those who have dominated at the end of a sword or gun to those who dominate with their "superior" programmes and money. Even amongst Christian circles people have come in with their good ideas and not their service as if the Latvians have no worth and can't come up with their own plans. I know they find this difficult but it is encouragement they need more. It took quite a bit of persuading to get someone to volunteer but in the end it was the most appropriate person who was volunteered - the quietest of the cooks. As her feet were washed there were many tears shed and we asked for forgiveness on behalf of those who have come in domination instead of service. I have a feeling that the ripples from that small act are likely to spread far and wide in the Heavenlies.

Ian thought he heard someone say that Latvia will rise on Eagle's wings during one of the words that was given- we live in Ergli which is latvian for Eagle. Even if she did not say that then maybe that is what he is meant to pick up and I look forward to rising on Eagle's wings here in this place. This is a special place and not really sure why and it is a place of healing and quietness and would love to have a house big enough to accommodate people who need a rest. Just today I heard one of the really on fire Latvians I know is not so well due to overwork. So many feel sad and unsure of themselves and many in the church feel overworked and undervalued, it would be fantastic to have a place where people can come and be rested and given time to heal.

On Friday we travelled to Gančauskas where we met many friends of ours from England who were teaching English in a youth camp. Unfortunately we didn't have much chance to talk a lot but we tried our best amongst the preparations to leave, it was snatches of precious conversation though. We went to pick up our friend Mr.Tipler (why we refer to each other so formally is completely lost in the mists of time but has been a running joke for years). We have known him for over 20 years and he has seen us setting out on our first adventure of moving to a small village 10 miles away from the city, trusting that God was in the move with our then two small children. Mr Tipler has been renowned for telling stories over the years but they are worth hearing as they speak of a journey of faith and discovery and I never tired of them over the whole weekend. It was a privilege to show him around our new home and slightly further out too, he saw a side of Latvia that he hadn't really experienced in camp and he began to see the amount of space and potential this little country has and see our heart for the place in context.

Here are two more colourful buildings. These ones are in Ličupe and the first I think is the town office and the other one a hotel.


  1. I was thrilled as I read what Ian thought he heard about Latvia rising on eagles wings. Knowing that Ergli means eagle in Latvian I have been drawn to Is. 40:31 asking God to use this for a confirming verse in our desire to obey his call upon our lives. So this revelation about what Ian heard lights my fire. Thank you Jesus!

  2. Lol That is the second confirmation of a prophecy that we would be firestarters here in Latvia. I know you are not here but it is still an encouragement.


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