Monday, 25 January 2010

A cold, cold Winter

The cold morning when the car was slow to start and the temperatures ridiculously low, was also a beautiful day with the sun shining and glistening on the frosted trees and icy roads, so on the journey to take our neighbour to her lesson I jotted down a few thoughts to describe the day.

A cold, cold Winter
The intense cold has a fierce beauty,
the beguiling charms of a rose kissed, aqua tinted landscape.
The streams of liquid gold
lit by a low sun
that dances and sparkles through the ice covered trees
The crystal strewn fields shimmering,
inviting play
Smoke that barely rises
struggling to clear the heavy cold air
stretching out tendrils
twisting and turning
looking for escape.
The wind that cuts like a knife,
searching out the slightest vulnerability
reminding the unwary
that winter is without mercy
to those unprepared!


  1. Beautiful description and beautiful photo

  2. A beautiful poem. :) We've had a few days like that. Colder than I've experienced here in Colorado in the 15 years I've lived here. Stay warm!!

  3. Thank you Danast and Shari.

    I noticed Colorado seems to be colder and the snow earlier this year Shari. We are staying warm thanks to our new woodstove in addition to the communal heating


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