Monday, 18 October 2010


I have limited access and limited time this week. The wedding was lovely and the epic journey back begins tomorrow and so will have to do a two week blog next week with photos, so sorry for this ever so short one this week. To be going on with though here is the poem I wrote for the wedding

You are about to embark on a new venture 
Weaving the fabrics of your life together 
Let love be the stitching that holds the fabric together 
Let the love of God be stitched in bold across it, 
weaving impossible patterns as you grow together 

When the fabric grows thin in times of stress 
let love embellish it and strengthen it 
Let laughter sparkle in the threads 
Let precious shared tears add richness to the colour 
Let honesty and integrity deepen the hues 
Let faithfulness reinforce the weave
Love fiercely 
Love passionately 
Love tenderly 

Let your love be filled with mercy and grace 
Let your love reach out to others 
Welcoming all who come to your door 
Let your love mend hearts
causing spirits to soar and filling souls with joy
Let the love of God be your guide 
and wisdom be your friend 
Set Jesus at the heart 
And let the Spirit cover you
And may God bless your journey together


  1. Beautiful Joanna! That sums up so many of the joys and challenges of marriage.


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