Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Conference trip photos

As promised here are the photos from the conference I went to in Austria.

First photos are from Innsbruck and my walk to the conference centre from my hotel every morning
This was the view from my hotel and shows the path that runs
alongside the river

My leafy walk along the river

Over the river Inn
I didn't take any photos of the old town that I walked through. Too many tourists doing the same thing and I thought I would show you a different side to Innsbruck. 

The next group of photos come from our conference trip and to be honest I cannot remember where they were exactly, but the scenery is pretty much the same across the Tyrol. Very ordered, very green and very pretty with some spectacular mountain scenery.
This was the view from the first cheese factory we visited

And looking the other way. Not a bad view really although
I'm not sure I would get any work done, as I would be too
busy gazing out of the window

These are some of the cows that supply the milk for the cheese
factory. They look pretty content with life

This is where we had lunch. The lunch consisted of more cheese
hams, salamis, eggs and salad all using products from the farm.
The farm actually only has around 17 cows and some pigs, which
are fed on the whey leftover after making the cheese. There is also
a shop up there.

Another cheese factory. These cables run from the local farms
to the factory to deliver the milk for the cheese

Somewhere up there is a farm that uses these cables

The last visit of the day was to a lowland farm.
He couldn't sell his milk to the previous cheese
factories as they only take mountain milk. There is
another factory though that takes the milk. To the
left you can see an ancient pear tree, one of a group
that is used to make the rather strong spirit that I
wrote about yesterday

Another view from the farm showing the encroaching village
And this group is from my time in Seefeld

On the way to the conference
On my walk back to the guest house

Conference dinner up in the mountains. We travelled up on a
funicular railway

Sunset over a German mountain apparently

The view from the balcony 

And moving round a little more

Still from the balcony

last picture from the balcony. Rather nice don't you think! 

On the last day of my stay in Seefeld they had a special market
for handcrafted items and these guys were shearing sheep. I had
to take a photo to show Ian. These sheep were so compliant, they
didn't need manhandling to the ground to get them done. Having
said that, one of them was a little more wriggly than the rest
A view from the road to Innsbruck airport. I walked from town
to the airport, as it was fairly close. There are not many places
you can walk from near the centre to the local airport. I took it
because there is a heart of trees on the mountain especially for a
friend of mine who loves hearts of this kind in the
natural environment

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