Monday, 20 March 2017

A bit short...

I know, I know, I am a bit short in height as all those who know me will attest to, but so will this post be. I was hoping that Ian would be able to upload some photos but he couldn't and my camera battery is out of juice. I also forgot to pack my charger. I have got a new to me iphone but it is not up and running yet either. So apologies for the lack of photos but there are one or two.

A happy smiley face. My sixth grandchild
I have had a rather hectic week. I got to my daughter's on the Monday evening of last week and had some quick lessons on Tuesday on what to expect with her two children before she went into hospital the following day to have her third baby. It is good that I got some practice last week on how to look after a nearly 2 and a 4 year old, as it has stood me in good stead this week. In both cases the younger of the two are little dynamos but the one I am looking after this week is also a whirlwind of activity. My flatter stomach has returned as I lose some of the winter flab chasing after the wee one.

At the hospital with his older
sister. His brother was not
interested in holding him.
At least now he is quite concerned
if he doesn't have a dummy
Fortunately for the most part the youngest one is quite amenable, although he seems to be having a few issues in the last day or two, but teething, new baby etc. does that too you. His older sister likes to be helpful or at least tries to, quite sweet really...... most of the time. It is good fun trying to remember what to do and how to handle the little ones, but I have also had lots and lots of cuddles with the newest arrival.

In chatty mode
He arrived at 11:14am on Wednesday and I went to see him that evening. The first grandchild I have been able to see within hours of his birth. I saw his eldest sister within days, but the others were all older. He is the same weight exactly as my middle baby was, at 4.02kg or 8lb 13oz, quite a size really. Unfortunately whoever programmed him got the programming wrong and he likes to keep his Mum occupied at night and sleeps well during the day. I have had several chats with him about the appropriateness of this behaviour but he only listened to me once.

My two able teachers from last week. Here they are with
some waistcoats I made. They are lined with alpaca fleece
for warmth
I am quite proud of myself, I have had the eldest one to pre-school on time and picked up on time twice and even remembered the packed lunch. We won't mention the fact I had to take the bag for the change of clothing on the first day after leaving it on the pushchair. I also got absolutely drenched today as it was teeming it down on the way, my coat is still drying. I don't think that has anything to do with me coming down with a chesty cough, I think that is something to do with nature's little petri-dishes, aka small children. We are just hoping and praying the youngest one has been getting plenty of immunity from Mum. Anyway I am wrapped up in bed for the evening and had an antibacterial herbal tea of thyme, sage, honey and lemon. Hopefully that will kick it into touch for tomorrow and I will be running around after the human whirlwind again. Also hopefully some photos to follow next week as I get some breathing space and the iphone working.

If you are wondering how Ian is getting on, he has been taking alpacas out for a walk and they have been enjoying seeing blades of grass now that the dumping last week disappeared. There was a dusting yesterday but nothing serious. He has been sorting out shearing in Estonia for the months ahead. Some are going to do it themselves this year, which is fair enough but a few of the smaller ones are still wanting help. At least we shouldn't have the bother of getting cutters sharpened this year, since we have a portable sharpener. It will make the job a lot easier.


  1. congratulations on the new arrival.How many grandchildren now?

    1. Thank you :) This is our sixth grandchild


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