Tuesday, 15 April 2008


Tomorrow I turn 44 years old and what a difference a year makes, we are now officially empty nesters as Matthew, our youngest, left to go to college in England. What a difference a few months makes too, only four months ago Ian and I were in Fort Collins with all our kids, plus one extra, as they were visiting us for Christmas. We were enjoying their company and valuing the fact they chosen to come out to see us (one last chance to see America when Mum and Dad pay may have influenced their decision of course). I am enjoying seeing my children grow into independence and develop their own way through this world, I value the times they ask for advice, and accept when they don't, I value the time they choose to spend with us and I am comfortable when they choose to do something else. One decision Ian and I came to was that we would never insist they come to see us at Christmas time or even do alternate Christmases, we want the decision to be entirely theirs, we want to give them space to make up their own minds and to do their own things and not to feel guilty when they decide to do something else for a change. And if none of them decide to come and see us at Christmas? Well we will cross that bridge when we come to it and then we may go and see them instead (so kids beware hehe!) 

Well it finally stopped raining this week (a miracle in itself) so we could go to Madona, the nearest big town, to get a washing machine, and boy did we need one. In the morning our American neighbour who is over 6 ft tall was setting off to help someone chop wood and so wouldn't be around, which was a shame as I was hoping he would be around to help with the washing machine when we got back. On our way home from Madona with the washing machine in the back of our truck I was praying that there was someone who would be able to help us take the machine up three flights of stairs as I sure didn't feel up to helping Ian do it or if no one was available for God to give me the strength, Ian seemed to think I should be able to manage it. When we came around the corner our neighbour was just coming out of his apartment block and was really pleased to see us as he wanted someone to mind the cat for a couple of days while he was away and offered to help take the washing machine up the stairs. Seemed like the ideal trade off and was such a blessing, I was thanking God big time.

Our container arrived on Thursday and the rain held off until the evening. It was a little cooler but I am sure the guys carrying our furniture up three flights of stairs were grateful for that. Another miracle we actually managed to get everything in. At one stage it was looking decidedly problematic as the container was packed with our furniture first and boxes (cartons) last, so of course the guys unpacking were bringing out the boxes first and we were just stacking up boxes after boxes with no where to put the stuff and by the time they got to the furniture there was not much room left to swing a hamster never mind a cat (just in case this is not a familiar phrase to anyone and you are worried that we swing cats and hamsters around we don't, it just means there was not much room.) If you remember the little game where you had to move plastic squares around to make a picture (can anyone remember what they were called?) then you will have an idea of what we had to do to get the furniture in, only instead of a 2D game it was in 3D and I don't think the removals guys thought it was much fun. Eventually with some manoeuvring we were able to get everything in and all necessary stuff assembled. The next day we had to start unpacking more boxes and trying to find places for them, it took until 7pm to find the frying pan to make an omelette as that was all I could manage to think to make by the time we had finished. Amazingly things did slowly fit into place although one bedroom was renamed the store room as there is no way you can call it a bedroom.

As promised a photo of the bedroom where we stripped off the panelling and the next photo shows it the day after the container arrived


The living room and the store room!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Your dates for your Blog are 6 days behind. Happy Birthday Anyway :)

  2. So true! No idea why that is and I thought it was correct last night.

    Thanks for the birthday greetings and the Cockerel (Rooster) in Africa somewhere.

  3. Worked out why the dates are wrong - it is because I have been writing up a draft all week so I don't forget the details. Must try a different method so the dates will reflect the days I actually post it

  4. well all i can say is...must be your age!


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