Monday, 28 January 2008

A weird week

On Saturday I rang a friend to arrange to say goodbye as he and his family were leaving to go back to Germany and found out that our friend had hurt his back. We offered to help with some lifting and carrying. It felt very strange though as we watched and helped and thinking in one months time this will be what we are doing. 

On Friday Ian officially resigned from work so from March onwards Ian is officially unemployed. We really have no idea what God has got planned and so all we can do is trust Him and move on. Thank goodness for God's provision though as we have enough to sustain us when we get there thanks to a favourable few years. 

This week will be a week of sorting out all those utilities and leases. Hope I remember everything, I feel rather scatty at the moment!

For my dear American friends there is a translation of scatty ( and I think that sums it up!


Monday, 21 January 2008

Further on?

Emma got home eventually after an overnight stay in a rather nice hotel in Chicago courtesy of the airline and life here has returned back to some kind of normality. I have sifted through loads of papers accumulated over years and decided that items like the 2002 catalogue for the Sharan was perhaps not really necessary and wondered how it had managed to be overlooked in two previous moves. It was nice though to look back on some of the things which we had kept, such as some of the prophecies we had had over the years and thinking God has been so good in answering those words, and yet we would never have imagined where they would take us. Many of the prophecies mention travel and I don't think we would have even dreamt of the amount of travel that Ian and I did last year but in those travels we have met many wonderful people with a love of Christ that crosses any cultural barriers.

Friday, 18 January 2008

Well this is it

We have just dropped Emma off at the airport - the last one to leave us after the Christmas break and I am not quite sure what to get on with. I have a whole list of things to do and the list gets scarier the nearer we get to our "probable" leaving date.

To bring everyone up to date (well as far as we know) we are leaving sunny Colorado, USA for Latvia either the end of February or mid-March, depending on whether we can fit in a holiday or not (vacation for our American friends). We have had three companies come in and peek through our belongings, managing in the meantime not to comment on the various strange assortment of items we want to take with us, like whole packing boxes of scrap materials. At least one of the guys understood - his wife makes quilts! We still have lots of things to sort out both in the finances and in the legalities but we will keep plugging away at the to do list and hopefully by the time we leave everything will be sorted out - an optimistic wish I suspect if previous experience is anything to go by. 

Ian and I are both a bit tired but it is possibly as much to do with various viruses floating about rather than just the thought of the moving process. At least we are looking forward to a bit of a sabbatical at the other end because so far Ian has no up and coming work ahead. We are looking forward to what God has planned for us though and it will be a surprise, as at the moment we have no idea.

Well I think that will do for now as it was rather a long first blog. We do welcome your prayers in our move and for the year ahead and we hope this will help to keep people in touch with where we get to in this next year.

I will finally leave with a quote from Confucius "Wheresoever you go, go with all your heart"