Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Mondays offering

Thank God for blog posts and RSS feeds. I awoke this morning with such a strong sense of unease and I was really encouraged to read Martin Scott's blog (whoops forgot the link) about this being a time of debate and a strong call to justice.  He also wrote 

"Those who have been learning to be confident in God in the hidden place will find that there are now fresh revelation and relationships that will come forth. Anticipate to begin to be connected with others who have been on the same journey.

Debate that provokes maturity has begun."

This was just what I needed to hear. Not a nice comfortable message but one that reminded me that I am on a journey and others are tracking the same route, we just haven't met up yet.

Some of the other blogs I follow are 

1. http://timberbuttehomestead.com/ - a pastor with a strong environmental awareness and instead of acres of green belonging to the church they grow vegetables to feed the poor some good wholesome food - I respect that.

2. http://www.cottagesmallholder.com/ - for recipe tips and the sheer joy of growing things. (Our potatoes have started to peep through today, very exciting.)

3. http://peter-birch.blogspot.com/ - an artist to has left his home and his security and shares his thoughts both in words and pictures and they have been very helpful.

Don't forget if you want to share something you are more than welcome.

For those who have already seen the post sorry, I noticed some editing needed doing

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