Monday, 3 August 2009

When the wind of history blew

When the wind of history blew

The banking system shivered

Drew its coat around itself

and carried on

When the wind of history blew

Governments trembled

Threw some money into the banking system’s begging hats

then carried on

When the wind of history blew

The people paused and

For a moment considered a future different

To one they had relied on

When all seemed to be restored

Once again they carried on

But few saw the cracks

Opened up by the wind

Growing, creaking its way into the system

Space is being created

Space into which a new Kingdom will come

Quietly without much fanfare

But sweeping across the nations

Blowing through

Sculpting a new tomorrow

by Joanna


  1. Wow, I love this poem. It really does feel that everyone (here in the UK at least) is just carrying on regardless. The recession is over, apparently, so we can get back on with our self-indulgence and complacency. Does this infect the Church? Sadly I think so.

  2. Thank you Jon. It does make me wonder where it will lead to if we do just carry on. I pray there is a build of those who will make a difference though - maybe the faceless generation rising mentioned in Martin Scott's blog?


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