Monday, 22 March 2010

Spring, the warrior princess

It must be the road to the big town that brings out the poet in me, or maybe just the chance to be sitting watching the enfolding scene. Anyway this one was started off in my head and then finished off in the dentists while waiting for Ian.

Spring, the warrior princess, shrugs her shoulders
and a blush of new growth
steals across the land.
Weary Winter, like an old dog,
snaps back
but senses defeat in its weary bones.
The snow reluctantly skulks away
to its summer home
and rivers freed from icy prisons
banish the hush of winter
as they chortle and gurgle their way
to the seas and the lakes.
Sleepy vegetation exposed
absorbs the warmth
and stretches its arms to the sun
a green wave creeps across the land,
a promise of warmer times to come.

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