Monday, 28 July 2014

Baled out

Sorry I was stacking and re-stacking hay today in 35C (95F) heat and high humidity, so I'm too bushed to post much. I will promise to update tomorrow, but here is a picture of a flower from our land to compensate. I'm not sure what it is called yet, so if you know then please leave a comment..


  1. I searched Google images for 'yellow daisy like flowers' & found a match. Its common name is Sunwheel (Buphthalmum Salicifolium).

    1. The leaves look right, but the petals seem a little more sparse and ragged than the Sunwheel pictures I have seen. Wonder if it is a wild cousin?

      It does amuse me that plants that I might have cultivated in the garden spring up of their own accord. I tried to grow Scabious for years, now they are all over the place

    2. Scabious prefers a neutral to alkaline soil, mostly sand or clay loam, which is what you have there in Latvia.

    3. Definitely plenty of sand and clay


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