Saturday, 16 June 2018

Part 2

Here are the extra photos as promised. It has been one of those weeks where we have been on the go for much of the day

Latvian Alpaca Adventure

Choosing the fleece

The nice part about felting on the farm is getting to choose
who's fleece you use
This is George's fleece and it is great to be able to say, he felts

Laying out the fleece
Wetting the fleece
The soap in this case is not for the felting process per se but
to help in making the rubbing in of the water and soap
underneath easier so as not to move the fibres around
too much at this stage

Carefully starting the felting process, making sure it is all
wet and soapy enough - not too much, not too little

Rolling the felt

This is where the real felting process begins
Fleece beginning to felt

Arty shot

Animals on the farm, big and small
A bug for identification

Sofie observing the felting process. She knows how to do it,
as she gets her own fur in a complete mess. We've only just
about managed to get out the last lot of felted clumps. Long
hair and farm cats don't mix terribly well

Lounging around. Making fleece is such hard work

Having a chew

Needing some shearing, but now we are haymaking

Swallows have taken up residence again. I hope they start
to eat some of those horse flies

Office view

This didn't help Heather's admin as it flew over whilst trying
to deal with a call 

Sorting out the electric for our old apartment
On the land
A stork investigating the hay for tasty morsels

Haymaking is a bit of a dusty affair this year

The dry year meant Ian could dig out the pond deeper. In
the spring the water is almost up level with the roadway
at the back. That is a lot of water that has disappeared

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