Monday, 22 October 2018

Still in the UK

On our way to school
I'm gradually moving up country and this week I'm in the Midlands with my youngest son and his family. I seem to have picked up another cold this week too, obviously different bugs around here. My immune system must be racing now.

Highlights this week

Autumn is here and what is better than playing in the leaves?
My son's partner had a teacher training course opportunity and so I got to look after my young grandson for the morning. Of course nothing went to routine. He had a big breakfast, which was not normal and so didn't want his normal bottle. He also seemed sleepy earlier than I was told, so off we went for a walk and he was asleep in his pushchair within 15 minutes and slept for two hours. Oh well! At least he wasn't fussing for mummy with this strange lady.
It's autumn out on our land too and Ian has taken some great
pictures this week

So much to do when you are little. Even
a stony path is exciting to play with
We have taken a trip into town and I had fun watching my little grandson have his photo taken. He is about the same age as his older sister was when she had a portrait photo taken so they wanted something similar of him. It was funny watching his parents and big sister all trying to get him to smile. They got some sweet pictures anyway. Now both pictures are up on the wall and you can definitely see the similarities.

Meanwhile my granddaughter is scaling
the heights
More of autumn out on the land
It's been nice just pootling about, although I have also been doing some work, trying to prepare for my presentation, which is tomorrow. I got most done while the family were out at an evening wedding party.
Little Jakobs is getting fluffier. Soon he will be just a little ball
of fluff

Coombe Abbey
We had a lovely late afternoon out yesterday to Coombe Abbey and went back again today. It is still quite warm for this time of the year but beginning to look very autumnal.

A Griffin in the garden
Jakobs contrasts well with the blue autumnal sky
I forgot to mention last week that I heard one of my papers has been rejected again and I'm still waiting for the others. It is such a frustrating game to play. I almost cannot move forward until these things are done. Quite depressing really as I just want to get this PhD finished and then I can move on.
Misty mornings out on the land

Brencis eating the twigs
As many of you know, I live in Latvia, although originally from Britain. A friend of mine posted a blog (link here) recently which looks back at the history of Latvia and the trauma caused by the State. I feel is helpful for understanding some of the realities of lapsing into totalitarianism of any kind. Many might wonder how it is relevant today since the Soviet State is long gone, but it isn't totally. It still lives on in the memories of people still alive today. Also some of the tactics of the time, such as telling the truth, mixed with lies to confuse people so that no one knows what truth is should send shivers down our spine and alert us to the need to take action. We mustn't become immune to this and slide inadvertently into a hellish world worse than we have now.
George glowing in the sunshine

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