Monday, 21 January 2008

Further on?

Emma got home eventually after an overnight stay in a rather nice hotel in Chicago courtesy of the airline and life here has returned back to some kind of normality. I have sifted through loads of papers accumulated over years and decided that items like the 2002 catalogue for the Sharan was perhaps not really necessary and wondered how it had managed to be overlooked in two previous moves. It was nice though to look back on some of the things which we had kept, such as some of the prophecies we had had over the years and thinking God has been so good in answering those words, and yet we would never have imagined where they would take us. Many of the prophecies mention travel and I don't think we would have even dreamt of the amount of travel that Ian and I did last year but in those travels we have met many wonderful people with a love of Christ that crosses any cultural barriers.

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  1. Well, after many long years we have tracked you down. I've had to do a "blog" address, whatever that is, and made 1 mistake already.
    So, leaving America and going to the same year that I am talking to Gr. Reed. and young people in B.C.F. about the same.
    Trust you're all okay, but.,let me know what is going on.


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