Monday, 28 January 2008

A weird week

On Saturday I rang a friend to arrange to say goodbye as he and his family were leaving to go back to Germany and found out that our friend had hurt his back. We offered to help with some lifting and carrying. It felt very strange though as we watched and helped and thinking in one months time this will be what we are doing. 

On Friday Ian officially resigned from work so from March onwards Ian is officially unemployed. We really have no idea what God has got planned and so all we can do is trust Him and move on. Thank goodness for God's provision though as we have enough to sustain us when we get there thanks to a favourable few years. 

This week will be a week of sorting out all those utilities and leases. Hope I remember everything, I feel rather scatty at the moment!

For my dear American friends there is a translation of scatty ( and I think that sums it up!


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