Sunday, 16 March 2008

The cat saga and other incidents

Well it kind of started one night when I was cooking in the home of our new American friend Marvin, who took pity on us that we didn't have a toilet in our apartment and offered us room in his home, the cat which resides at his home wanted feeding and I didn't realise so it attacked my feet, Marvin was not home so I evicted the cat. A day later the cat was sat on the windowsill in our room and it wasn't supposed to be there so I went to pick it up and it tried to bite me, I wasn't having any of that so I picked it up and it was struggling and trying to claw me and as I turned I tripped over a suitcase, we both fell and the cat ran downstairs. I ended up hobbling round for a day thinking that I might have sprained my ankle but fortunately it was only bruised and I was fine the next day apart from the stiff shoulders from the fall. Here is a picture of Mickey the cat

It wasn't the only incident this week, I also managed to fall getting into the bath for a shower - non-slip mats are a must and I am determined that one will become part of my travelling package. Apart from some hurt to my dignity and some slightly bruised ribs it ended fine, thank goodness!

At least there is progress in
 the apartment and we now have a toilet which is a vast improvement on what we had
before as you can see from the before and after pictures and 
we also have one room completed.

Sunday night we attended a prophetic meeting and Keith Hazel the prophet picked us out and told us that although people may think we are crazy we were on track and in the right place 
at the right time which was 
terrific confirmation for the decision we had made. It was also really weird at the beginning of the meeting to hear Keith talking about the need to open a spiritual well here in Smiltene the town we are visiting as the prophecy that set us off on our travels talks about us opening spiritual wells, so we are not sure where this is leading us but we do know that God is not just calling us to one place but to join different places together and this was also confirmed by Keith. We look forward to God revealing more of his plan to us.


  1. wow much better rooms....i might even come and visit you now :p

  2. You mean you wouldn't have before???????????? I thought you loved us more than that!!!!!! Heheh


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