Tuesday, 4 March 2008

A Week of Goodbyes

It has been such a blessing of a week. I know goodbyes can be quite tough but I am a great believer in leaving well and it was fantastic that we had the opportunity to say goodbye properly to so many good friends. We also received some amazing and thoughtful presents, I forgot to mention that we had been given some presents at our leaving do at Timberline Oldtown,the church gave us two beanie hats, one Broncos hat (Denver American Football Team) and one CSU hat (Colorado State University situated in Fort Collins) for the expected cold weather of course, a Crisco cookbook (long story!) and a small Indian drum for Ian's continuous tapping (and no he hasn't got any better for those of you who have known us a long time). A friend also gave us a Farmer's Market Cookbook which was lovely and I look forward to trying out some recipes - that is when we see our stuff again. Other presents were a collection of photos on CD of Fort Collins which was great as we just hadn't had the time to go and take pictures of some of the places we remember or that remind us of Fort Collins (keep taking the photos Max and don't forget to send us some), and someone made a "scarf" to remind us of the clouds, God's goodness and a special little lady we got to know.

In saying goodbye we have also been well and truly fed and I have probably put pounds of weight on, oh well! The food has been great though and we even had a sort of Thanksgiving meal, Turkey, mashed potatoes, salad and followed by pumpkin pie.

Yesterday we also said goodbye to the Mountains and later on in the week I shall post some pictures of the Colorado Rocky Mountains along with the elk and deer we saw on our trip.

One last thing, thanks so much for all of you who had written in the bible we were given, those thoughts were so greatly appreciated and it will be something we can treasure. Well must finish now as I need to get myself ready for boarding the plane from Denver and in the words of the song "I am leaving on a jet plane, don't know when I will be back again" it is such a strange feeling, will we ever be back this way again only God knows that for sure. Thanks for all your prayers and love guys!

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