Monday, 9 March 2009

Cyprus again.

Well I am afraid this is going to be a short blog today (phew say some :p). We had a great holiday in a really nice hotel and the owner took the time to say hello despite being quite a big place it was a family run thing, in fact it was amazing how many of the guests looked like they could be family too. One of the surprising things about Cyprus as we were travelling about besides the twisty roads was how different each valley was. In some valleys the rock was white, in some more beige, some were green and others red which changed the way a valley looked even without the vegetation. There are lots of terraces with vines of course and olive trees but the combinations were never the same in a relatively short space of time. Unfortunately I did catch a cold last week so travelling round the mountains with blocked ears was rather quiet at times and today my stomach is not 100%, hence the short blog but I have posted some pictures for you to peruse in the meantime. As you can see the skies were a little overcast but that is good as the Cypriots have endured a drought for the last couple of years and had to resort to buying water from Greece, hopefully this year they won't. By the way I don't think that the illnesses has anything to do with Cyprus being unhealthy or anything - just one of those things. Oh well!

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