Monday, 16 March 2009


Zzzzzzzz kind of tired, just got back from Cyprus and not awake enough zzzzzzzzzzzz to write a blog so will be catching up a day late. Didn't want you to worry though.


  1. Call that an excuse, its just not good enough ;)

  2. :o you've let me down.......i feel tyres have gone soft......

  3. I haven't seen many blogs from you Emma after a night without sleep :o). I wonder though if it would have made any sense if I had written one? Hmmm maybe it would have made more sense than normal. Haha

    *Busily hunts for the pump to pump up Mark's tyres* oh forgot I am not writing a message in the Student Café, work must be getting to me. (For those who don't know I moderate messages for an online school - hope my boss doesn't read this, he hates the word school but I would be here all night trying to think of a different way of explaining it succinctly but just in case he is I work for an online learning community providing secondary education and my job is actually great fun as I get paid to post silly as well as serious messages and generally make friends with some great kids).


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