Monday, 4 February 2008

The final countdown

Where did January go? If anyone knows then answers on a postcard to........ Seriously though, January did seem to beat a very hasty retreat! Well this is Ian's final month at work, and our final month in the house in Fort Collins. The great news is that we are finally in a position to book hotels, flights, car hire and removals companies (American translation - moving company).

Talking of Removals/Moving companies reminds me of the peculiar looks I got here in America when I started talking about Removals Companies, people just found it so strange, they kind of knew what I meant but weren't 100% sure. It also explains why I was having so much trouble finding companies in the phone book when I needed some quotes.

We are definitely moving to Latvia, to a little rural town and when I work out how to put pictures on my blog I will post a map of where we are going. We have an apartment there and hopefully by the time we get there there will be new radiators and a new bathroom. We will spend a night in Riga to recover from our flight and sort out what we need to sort out there and then head to our new place, Well those are our plans so far - well nearly - we are planning a fortnight (two week) trip to England since we won't have our furniture until around mid-April at the earliest.

A special note to my friends at Everyday Joe's ( you will still be able to learn all those British words even though I won't be there in person to give you the pronunciation..... mp3 there's a thought! Only kidding!

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