Monday, 11 February 2008

Ever nearer!

Wahey! Managed to find out how to put pictures in. This is a map of where we are moving to, the first being a close up and the second a map to show you whereabouts in Europe Latvia is situated

Well our flights are booked which is a bit too late for the Bishops of London and Liverpool's recommendations that people fast to cut carbon emissions for Lent It did make me think though as we are careful to recycle what we can and our bin (trash can) rarely has more than three carrier bags of rubbish (trash) in, yet while we have been here in the States we have one big Toyota 4runner .Ian is going to miss his 4runner and it was good for driving in the mountains. As for me I guess I should just stick to fasting from chocolate but I am not very good at that either.


  1. so, fast from chocolate? Is that, like, eating your chocolate more quickly?

  2. I think that is the nearest I get to fasting from chocolate. That doesn't mean I eat loads of chocolate just a few pieces every Sunday. Eating Chocolate only on a Sunday started when we had to ration ourselves due to the extortionately high price of chocolate in Denmark. Just looked at Netto's special offers in Denmark and Yankie bars (cheap Mars bars) are at the incredible price of 4.50DKK = 88cents or 45p which is really cheap for Denmark, seem to remember buying a pack of 4 in England for around 55p though. Interesting fact - the factory where they made the Yankie bars was just up the road from where we lived in Denmark


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